UMUS x Nastya Kuzmina

Nastya is a multimedia artist who works with video, performance, installation and photography. She explores the Interactions between technology, our bodies and objects.Her curious and intuitive eye picks up on the signals around her, which she digests and transcribes into her practice with a touch of the absurd and ironic.

"It was interesting for me to collaborate with the shoe brand UMUS for the first time. Lately, I've been enjoying using artificial intelligence in my work; I've been using it to refine images and create sketches for video works."

"The series of photographs focuses on moments of transition in changing environments. I capture my body in everyday actions and combine it with the internal experience of survival amidst external changes. It's about getting stuck in transitions and living through transformation comfortably and stylishly.

Huge shoutout to UMUS for giving me the chance to dive into this adventure with respect and gratitude!"