Nos engagements

UMUS is a brand that offers products designed with care and deep respect for the uniqueness of each individual, human and non-human alike.

The brand's ambition is for UMUS products to be natural, plant-based and pure, so that they can return to the earth to enrich it in perpetual motion.

Respect for living beings

We do not use any materials of animal origin, and our aim is to stop using plastics, not only in our products but throughout the entire production process.


The brand has chosen to be transparent about its approach, its creative processes and its products, so that everyone can understand the issues, take a stand and act with a clear conscience.

Plastics and chemicals are currently finding their way into many components and products, and in some cases we have had to make compromises. Our mission is to change the situation and find alternative solutions.

We are committed to continuous improvement at every stage of production and product life.

Quest for novelty

Our models are the result of extensive research to meet needs for which natural solutions have not yet been proposed.

They are designed to explore what has not yet been explored, and are created using rare and authentic skills and techniques.

UMUS manufactures as closely as possible to your needs, to leave the most elegant and lightest footprint possible.