Our commitments to quality shoes

What do you call quality shoes?

A beautiful pair of shoes is noticed at first glance.
It all comes down to bias in the choice of design, materials and manufacturing.
It is a set of elements and details that are not: beautiful shoes, quality shoes owe a lot to the precision with which they have been designed and manufactured.

Quality shoes: quality of design

The first essential element for making quality shoes is the quality of the design.
For UMUS, it is about pure, harmonious lines, in accordance with the morphology of the foot, for a refined, distinctive and timeless finish.

We paid particular attention to the shape, which gives the shoe its curves and aesthetic balance.
These are shapes developed specifically by UMUS.

For the first model of UMUS shoes, I was supported by a designer workshop.
After working for Clergerie, a creative French brand of high-end shoes, they created their own workshop.
Their creativity and know-how were awarded prizes at the Hyères fashion festival, in the Shoes category.
A new partner with a passion for shoes and an original creative approach has joined them in the workshop.

It is this talented trio who supported me from design to the manufacturing process.

Quality shoes: the quality of materials and components

The choice of materials and components is an essential step in creating quality shoes.

UMUS carries in its DNA respect for the living.
The materials and components of our shoes are noble, natural and plant-based. We have banned materials from petroleum and animal materials. *
In addition to the ethical dimension, we have selected local materials and components, manufactured by partners with recognized expertise.


Our outsoles are made in France by a partner with internationally recognized expertise for decades.
The company is labeled Living Heritage Company: this label is a guarantee of quality, respect for the profession and aptitude for exception.


Our fabrics have been selected as much for their technical as visual qualities: we have chosen robust and aesthetic fabrics.
For certain parts of the shoe, we favored local materials.
We have chosen to select materials without treatment so as not to distort the fiber, and to remain aligned with the brand's values.


For the laces, we have selected noble natural fibers.
The rope is manufactured by a French partner recognized for its know-how.
The tips, which do not contain plastic, are installed manually.
The result is a durable, impeccably finished lace that seems to fly off your feet.


For these locally manufactured technical pieces, we have selected natural fibers.

Quality shoes: manufacturing quality

Cousu Blake

The quality of these shoes also lies in its construction.
We chose a Blake stitch: a construction which ensures solidity while maintaining a pure and light line.
This construction also allows our models to be resolable.


The assembly of our model is carried out by a French manufacturer renowned for its know-how and great technical skills.
He is one of those experts who master Blake stitching and we are proud to count him among our partners.

Quality shoes: quality of service

For UMUS, quality shoes must be accompanied by a service consistent with this commitment.

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*Significant sourcing work has made it possible to identify natural alternative solutions to components and materials which usually contain either animal materials or synthetic materials.
However, for some components, we have not identified an acceptable non-synthetic solution in terms of strength and durability (glue, reinforcements).
In these cases, I made the decision to use these synthetic components, with the mission of replacing them too with alternative natural materials as soon as possible.