Cleaning guide

Interview guide

You can have your shoes cleaned by professionals.
Many sneaker cleaning shops offer this service.
You can find a list here .


You can also clean your UMUS shoes by hand:

  • Dust the shoes carefully with a soft brush to remove dust.

  • Clean if necessary with a soft damp sponge and a little soap. Rinse with clean water with the sponge.

  • Let dry completely before wearing your shoes.


Never put your UMUS shoes in the washing machine.
Do not soak your shoes.



UMUS shoes have been waterproofed with an ecological product.
Its effect lasts several months.

If you want to waterproof your shoes again:

  • Clean your shoes (see above)
  • Apply the waterproofer to a clean, dry surface
  • Spray evenly from a distance of 10 to 15 cm, holding the bottle vertically
  • Spray until the textile is completely wet

  • Leave the product to act for 24 hours

  • Leave to dry in a cool place

Bottles of this waterproofing agent are available on the UMUS website.