Une matinée avec Florien et Fabien

A morning with Florien and Fabien

They are Architect and Innovation Manager at a luxury player and Executive in a real estate group.
We followed Florian and Fabien during a morning in their neighborhood in the 11th Arrondissement of Paris.

If they love the wide open spaces and the calm of the countryside, they also appreciate the hectic pace of their Parisian life.

They organize their time between a busy social life in Paris, and their house in the countryside recently designed by Florian, and on which they are carrying out work with a few relatives.

Fans of simple pleasures and moments spent with friends, they also like to travel, without necessarily going far. Marseille is the city of Florian's birth and heart, and one of the places where they regularly recharge their batteries.

Florian and Fabien have combined PREMIER.E, the first UMUS model, with outfits in which they feel good.

Florian chose the Ecru & Natural model, which he likes for its originality, and Fabien the Black Shungite model, sober without being classic.

The importance of quality, traceability and craftsmanship.

The quality of the materials and the know-how of our partners, combined with aesthetic research, are essential elements of UMUS shoes.

Florian and Fabien share this vision: a fashion piece must be a guarantee of quality. They include in their selection criteria the transparency provided by the brands and the know-how provided to the pieces.

Fabien makes sure to buy clothes made in countries that reassure him about the manufacturing method. It favors French and European productions.

For Florian, a fashion lover, originality dictates his stylistic choices. Pieces from Gaultier, Balmain, Jacquemus, and even Alexander McQueen fill her wardrobe alongside basics from other brands. He shares with us his affection for a baroque and avant-garde style where quality and aesthetics combine.

The backstage video of the street shooting is on our
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