Vintage curaté

Curated vintage

Walk around Paris and you will see that vintage clothing stores are opening everywhere.

Not all of them offer curation, the selection is uneven, and it is not always easy to find what you are looking for.

We present to you 3 vintage stores with clear and qualitative artistic direction.


In the “Women” category, a selection of major houses: Alaïa, Jil Sander, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Céline, “vintage & antique” jewelry...

In the Men's category, pieces sourced by Gauthier Borsarello : Carrera Boeing Aviator glasses, US Coast Guard jacket from the 70s, parka from the 40s... Rare pieces and the price to match.

The +: Upcycled pieces, made from fabrics, scarves or other vintage pieces. Section “ReSee Workshop”

Tomorrow Retro

Timeless classics from another era.

Denim jackets, Perfectos, double-breasted jackets, baseball caps, tartan scarves…

We are not taking any sartorial risks, we are going for the ultra-classic which has proven itself.

Demain Retro is preparing the opening of a permanent store in Paris before the summer.

The +: Photos of complete looks , to allow you to project yourself.

The Dark

As its name suggests, L'Obscur mainly offers black.

A very nice selection which focuses on Japanese and Belgian brands, at affordable prices.

The pieces are visible in a hidden store, known to those who are in the know (you are now).

During Fashion Weeks, the world of “fashion” comes to shop there.

The plus: the founders unearth photos of the fashion shows where the pieces were shown. Follow the Insta.

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