Vendez !


We all have clothes that we no longer wear in our wardrobes.
And there, several options are available to us.

Do you have clothes to sell, but no time or desire to do so?
Today I present to you two services that will simplify your life.


All you have to do is pre-register your business on the platform

JAIIO then comes to your home to collect your parts, takes care of everything before putting it online, and pays you the result of the sale.

Here we are on a high-end positioning: this is the service to favor if you have branded clothing and in quantity.

The Reusses

The Reusses (yes, it's Verlan) will sell your clothes for you.
They know all the tricks to sell them best, and love it!

You list the clothes you want to sell on the platform , and the Reusses take care of everything for you, for a commission.

You receive the proceeds from sales when a piece is sold.

Do you know of other services that make it easy to sell your clothes?

Write to me and let’s complete this list!

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