Sport ++


While the sports industry floods the world with jerseys, shorts, scarves and other pieces of merchandising *, certain brands enhance this raw material.

The result ? Unique colorful pieces with a singular aesthetic.
A trend called Blockecore.

Selection of brands with marked universes.

La Fameuse invents a new aesthetic language based on suits and tracksuit jackets.

Renata Brenha , founded by a Brazilian based in London, revisits football jerseys with poetry.

Cyclist jerseys, footballs or scarves transformed by Maison Mource l to make strong pieces. DJ Anetha is a fan!

In 2019, KOCHE already presented a Couture x Football fashion show.

And also Marine Serre , who inserts pieces of sportswear into her upcycled pieces.

*Find the LinkedIn article that I posted on the subject.

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