Slow Nation, le concept store nomade

Slow Nation, the nomadic concept store

I met Antoine recently.

I was looking for brands that invent new fashion, those that use existing materials and sublimate them to make unique pieces.

That's how I discovered Slow Nation , a nomadic concept store, and Antoine, its founder.
When I contacted him, he spontaneously recommended his list of favorite brands.

Slow Nation: Fashion, beauty, home, food and low tech for a sustainable lifestyle

Antoine, can you tell me who you are, and what you do for a living?
I am Antoine Heu-Boidin, I live in Paris and I was born and raised in the provinces.

I have had a fascination with fashion for a very long time.
When I was a teenager, my parents subscribed to a weekly fashion magazine which sparked a growing curiosity about the industry.

At the age of 20 I assisted a duo of designers who were launching their women's ready-to-wear brand. I shared their daily life for 6 months. It was an unforgettable experience.
It allowed me to get a foothold in this sector, where I continued to evolve.

I then worked for several years for renowned fashion houses: Givenchy, Chanel, Nina Ricci... mainly in the field of visual merchandising.

10 years ago, inspired by the concept store Colette and the designer Hedi Slimane, I worked on creating a concept store with a selection of rock-style fashion but it ultimately did not see the light of day .

In 2016, I created Bad Obsession, a slow fashion brand mainly offering 2 designs of biker jackets made to order in Paris as well as organic cotton t-shirts (GOTS labeled) printed with eco-responsible inks (solvent-free).

Passionate about innovation, particularly in the field of eco-responsible and “cruelty free” materials, I carried out research on alternatives to leather based on apple, grape, cactus, etc.
I then delved into the theme of biodegradable materials (cradle to cradle), recycling and finally discovered at the end of 2019 very young brands claiming to be part of the upcycling movement which consists of reworking existing clothes and fabrics to create new ones.

I was immediately seduced by this approach and the commitment of the designers I discovered, particularly through social networks.

Since then I have discovered hundreds of brands, most of them very young but no less talented.

Following these discoveries, I decided to resume my concept store project and adapt it to the theme of a sustainable lifestyle which includes fashion, beauty, home, food and low tech.
Thus Slow Nation was born.

Today I dedicate myself fully to developing Slow Nation, first in the form of recurring one-off events.

What drives you?
My desire is to introduce as many people as possible to the committed brands that I also select based on their style and quality.

Many people tell me that they are ready to buy less and better, but they don't necessarily know where to find sustainable and ethical alternatives to the brands they usually buy.
They don't necessarily have time to search.

With Slow Nation, I want to facilitate access to these brands.

What actions (small or large) have you implemented to limit your impact?
Ultimately with Slow Nation I hope to reach the whole of France and internationally.
With a concept based in Paris, the fashion capital of the world, I am convinced that it is possible.

I simply try to live aligned with my own values ​​and improve myself every day:

When it comes to fashion, I try not to let emotion speak (often manipulated by marketing and advertising). No shopping, I only buy what I really need.

For 15 to 20 years I have mainly bought timeless clothes in tones that match together and I take care of my things which age quite well. My closet is quite large and well stocked.
Like everyone else, I'm wondering how not to wear only 20% of what's there.

The rare times I make purchases it is either upcycled pieces or clothes made from organic, natural fabrics, without animal materials. However, I continue to wear the wool or leather pieces that I already have.

In the bathroom, I tend to use solid cosmetics: soap, shampoo, facial care.

I am vegetarian: I no longer eat animals but I still eat cheese, butter or egg-based pastries. I buy organic as much as possible.
I sometimes do my shopping in stores like Miyam, a responsible grocery store that creates a link between producers and consumers.

What brands do you want to introduce to us?

Later… - New products made with 100% recycled and recyclable fabrics

Bleu M - A creative brand with impressive technical know-how

Atelier Eveil Ludique - A punk brand committed to anti-fast fashion protest messages

Baema T Boa - Unique pieces, a duo of creators, a poetic universe

These are brands that could be found at Slow Nation at the beginning of April in the Marais.

Where can you follow Slow Nation?
On Slow Nation in digital version and soon during a new physical event.

Antoine Heu-Boidin


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