Quiet Outdoor

Quiet Outdoor

The global pandemic has had an effect on our desires and our lifestyles.

She refocused us on a healthier lifestyle and activities in nature.

This trend has been reflected in the Gorpcore style for several years, which brings technical outfits to the city.

Collaborations between luxury and outdoor brands have flourished: The North Face x Gucci, LOEWE x On, Jil Sander x Arc’teryx…

In 2024, the trend will continue but with more subtlety.

We put aside flashy colors, technical details and visible logos.

The new trend is a fusion between Quiet Luxury (worn by brands like The Row or Toteme ) and the outdoors.

The new born is called Quiet Outdoor.

Neutral colors, minimalist details and noble, innovative materials.

This is Goldwin and Roa Hiking .

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