Paris Fashion Week : Sélection & mots clés

Paris Fashion Week: Selection & keywords

In recent days, Paris Fashion Week Men's Fashion took place (a term that is increasingly obsolete as the boundaries between genders become blurred).

Selection & keywords.

Layering: we stack the pieces, we play with sizes and volumes (here Sacai)

Footcore: the aesthetics of football take to the streets (here Namesake)

Blurring: disappearance of boundaries between genders (here Wooyoungmi)

Hybridization: fusion between formal and sportswear styles (here System)

Combination: this “all over” piece is installed (here EgonLab)

Indie sleaze: a fusion of grunge, tailoring and over size (here Juun J)

Body positive: feeling good about your body (here Doublet)

Functional maximalism: an assertive, distinctive and practical style (here White Montaineering)

Disproportion: Over oversize (here Maison Mihara Yasuhiro)

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