Love & Care : Comment donner une deuxième vie à vos chaussures

Love & Care: How to give a second life to your shoes

Beautiful shoes deserve to be taken care of, whether they are dress shoes or sneakers.
I share with you some services and professional addresses that will allow you to keep them beautiful for a long time.

Today, focus on sneakers and casual shoes.
Find the professionals below.

Have your sneakers accompanied you on your adventures and really need to be cleaned?
You can follow these tips to clean them yourself.
Otherwise, several specialized services can make them look as good as the first day: cleaning, recoloring, disinfection, etc.

If your shoes have value (sentimental or financial), trust a professional: some work with brands or the concierge of large hotels.
And if you don't have time to travel, some will collect your pairs from you.

To go further, when the sole is worn, the leather is cracked or certain seams are damaged, you can give your shoes a second life.
Visit the store to get a quote that best meets your needs and desires.

Tested and approved service!

Do you want to make your sneakers unique? Personalize them!
Your shoes will become unique works of art thanks to the customization of the upper (the top of the shoe).

The need to refresh a sole can also be an opportunity to give your shoes a new look: put on a colored sole, or a sole of another type.

Treat yourself, while doing something to limit your impact on the environment!

Below is a list of professionals to help you keep your shoes beautiful for a long time.
This list will be updated regularly.
If you have any recommendations, contact me to enrich this list. THANKS !

To clean Fix Personalize
ID Sneakers Yes Yes Yes
Home Sneakers Yes Simple repairs Yes
Sneakers and Chill Yes No Yes
Cleanique Yes Simple repairs No
The Sneaker Workshop Yes Yes Yes
Galosh and skate Yes Yes No
Bonnet establishments Yes Simple repairs No
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