Long life

Long life

We all have pieces that carry an emotional charge and that we care deeply about.

Those that were sent to us by a loved one.

The clothes that accompanied us on our adventures.

Those in which we invested to have fun…

To keep these clothes and accessories for a long time, we take care of them and repair them.

By wearing these pieces for a long time, we also reduce our impact on the environment.

To encourage repairs, ReFashion will set up a Repair Bonus .

By having our parts repaired by a shoemaker or a certified sewing workshop, up to 60% of the repair can be covered.

This system will be put in place in the coming weeks. I will let you know as soon as it is open.

* ReFashion is a non-profit organization that supports the transformation of the textile industry (clothing, shoes and household linen) towards the circular economy.

Maison Margiela, Vivienne Westwood and students from Central Saint Martins are inspired by the aesthetic of repair in their creations.

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