Les pièces des défilés

Fashion show pieces

Do you have an important event, nothing to wear and don't want to invest in an outfit that you will only wear once?

Everything is fine, there are solutions.

Historical players like Run the runway (US) have launched the clothing rental market several years ago.

By the time the idea crossed the Atlantic, this type of service came into use in France.

Renaisa allows you to rent a designer or designer outfit for a defined period, or to buy a second-hand piece.

Maison Margiela, Coperni, Jil Sander, Ludovic de Saint Sernin... The pieces on offer are recent, but you'll have to be quick because they sell out quickly!

If you want color, Studio Paillette is the one for you.

We rent by the piece and by the month: Proenza Schouler, AMI Paris, Essential Antwert, Coltesse…

To pull out all the stops, A Dress One Evening will help you.

Evening or ready-to-wear outfits are available to rent for a few days.

Dresses, bags, shoes and some tuxedos and suits in all styles: Stella Mc Cartney, Courrèges, Alexander McQueen.

Buying an outfit that will stay in a wardrobe is a practice from the last century.

In 2024, we rent!

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