Le Vintage d'exception

Exceptional Vintage

Image taken from the Le Vif website

A vintage piece is like a good wine: it improves with time.
It carries a story and gives you a unique style.

I present to you some vintage stores that will help you create a distinctive look.
Here we are in the curation: a selection of pieces in good condition and well presented.

Gaijin , a modern Japaneseism.
It is the specialist in Japanese vintage.
Issey Miyake, Comme des Garcons, Junko Shimada…
Parts that cannot be found elsewhere are at home and the choice is important.

At Le Vif you will find vintage US pieces.
This boutique was created by Gauthier Borsarello , co-founder of L'Etiquette magazine and recently appointed Creative Director of Fursac.
Music group t-shirts, incredible glasses, clothes from the 50s, 60s, 70s…
The prices are high, commensurate with the work done to find these parts.

At BRUT Vintage Archive , we don't do lace.
Denim made in Japan, Levi's made in US, army surplus, dead stocks (I remember seeing a stock of German army sneakers from another age).
They also offer pieces revisited in interesting ways.

Do you know of any other exceptional vintage stores?
Write to me and let's update this list.

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