Le vêtement se fait Art

Clothing becomes Art

This week, spotlight on three designers who see clothing as jewelry.

Germanier 's muse is futuristic and colorful. The designer has fun replacing materials with rhinestones, sequins and crystals in pieces with striking and explosive details.
Rigid cuts and multi-colored embroidery give the creations an architectural look.

Germanier selects its pearls and rhinestones from the stocks of premium suppliers to put them back in the light.

Salihah Moore is a designer artist, who combines the art of disorder with light.
Her beaded works engage all the senses. The contact with the piece and its weight, the sound of the beads and their color are experiences as unique as the pieces she creates.

Frances O plays with the graceful glamor and indecency of the 1990s. Her chain and crystal pieces cover and reveal the body.
All his creations, true works of art, are created on demand and by hand in England.

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