La mode du futur

The fashion of the future

It is undoubtedly the future of fashion that is at stake here.

The Biofabricate show presented to an audience of insiders a new generation of natural materials designed for fashion: materials without animal matter, and not derived from petrochemicals.

Innovative materials based on algae, based on proteins, based on fermented cellulose, alternatives to leather made from mycelium (the “roots” of mushrooms), textile dyes based on bacteria or wood pigments…

Today some of these materials have been used by major brands for capsule collections.

Their rarity and price still make them inaccessible for large-scale use.

But as demand for natural and life-friendly materials increases, we will undoubtedly see them used on a larger scale in the years to come.

In images, in pictures…

Yume Yume uses Reishi, the material developed by Mycoworks

Reishi from Mycoworks, which I had the opportunity to touch

Balenciaga uses Lunaform, the material derived from nanocellulose and created by a fermentation process of nano-organisms by the start-up Gozen

To learn more about biomaterials: the Biofabricate Learning platform

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