La mode, 3 points de vue

Fashion, 3 points of view

This week, books on what makes fashion: materials, the spirit of the times, creation.

Three books, three insights.

Linen, fiber of civilization

The manufacturing of the raw material is the step that has the most impact in the imprint of a fashion piece. To make clothes respectfully, the choice of material is therefore essential.

Linen is one of those ancestral, natural, ecological materials that are making a comeback.

This book tells its past and present history through numerous historical and scientific contributions.

1997, Fashion Big Bang

1997 is a pivotal year which celebrates the 90's decade and heralds the new millennium.

It saw the birth of collections that have become emblematic: “Body Meets Dress, Dress Meets Body” by Comme des Garçons, the “Stockman” collection by Martin Margiela, those by Raf Simons and Jean-Paul Gaultier…

It was also the year of the inauguration of the Colette concept store, a researcher who contributed to the launch of numerous brands.

This catalog for the “1997, Fashion Big Bang” exhibition at the Galliera Museum retraces, month by month, the chronology of this essential year in fashion.

As a bonus, the playlist created under the artistic direction of Michel Gaubert, sound illustrator of fashion shows since the 90's.

Dior by Raf Simons

Inspired by music, particularly electronic music*, and by art, Raf Simons transcribes into clothing his inspirations captured in these environments and in the street.

After serving as Artistic Director of Jil Sander, he joined Dior.

He brings a contemporary vision to the house which gave birth to the New Look, this aesthetic which revolutionized the codes of femininity and fashion.

This book highlights the collections created from 2012 to 2015 under the artistic direction of Raf Simons, with photos by Laziz Hamani and words by Tim Blanks .

*In addition to listening to electronic music very loudly in the studios of the houses where he worked, he created jewelry for Minus, Richie Hawtin's music label.

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