Générer des émotions avec la mode

Generate emotions with fashion

Last week, we were at a professional event organized by FashionGreenHub , an association of fashion designers committed to the ecological transition.

Beyond technical subjects that are of direct interest to brands*, certain others have a direct impact on consumers.
What do you have in common between a piece of fashion that carries pleasant memories, another that you had to wait for before being able to offer it to yourself or receive it, one that was passed on to you by a loved one, one that you have modified so that it meets your desires, etc.?
The emotion you feel when wearing it or thinking about it.

This emotional attachment has the power to extend the life of clothes, because it makes us want to keep them for a long time, and therefore take care of them.
This is called emotional sustainability.

Because “sustainability” goes beyond the physical durability that we spontaneously think of.
Emotion is a concept that fashion brands are working on to increase the lifespan of clothes, shoes or accessories.

And this is a value that we believe in at UMUS.
This is why we like to tell you the story of the creation of shoes, the partners we work with, details on manufacturing, anecdotes...

*Traceability, regulatory developments, etc.

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