L’art du plissé par Alix Habran Jensen

The art of pleating by Alix Habran Jensen

Pleating is an artisanal art whose production fascinates. An ancestral know-how on which a young designer relies for his very first collection.

Franco-Danish designer Alix Habran Jensen presents a first poetic and feminine collection with “Les Iris”. Its pleats naturally create organic structures that evoke plant and floral shapes. The pieces in the collection seem to float in the air.

Thanks to the artisanal ingenuity of Ateliers Lognon , he designs unique pleats. They play on volumes and solid colors which are entirely made by hand.

The fabrics used are old silk ties. They are deconstructed, then placed between two cardboard sheets. The pleaters can then begin careful folding.

It took Alix Habran Jensen five months to complete her first collection.

He is a finalist at the 37th Hyères Fashion Festival in October 2022, a festival which promotes and supports young international fashion creation.

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