Kitesy et les Bijoux Perdus

Kitesy and the Lost Jewels

Balenciaga, Balmain, Lacoste were her playgrounds, before she decided to launch her eponymous brand.


Kitesy Martin hunts for vintage pieces, and with these lost jewels imagines unique creations.

Her necklaces are creative collages where chains, beads and carabiners combine. Here the traces of time and scratches are valued as so many traces of the jewel's previous lives.

All creations are labeled “Made in Paris” , a label which promotes the diversity and richness of Parisian manufacturing.

ID, VOGUE, MILK, artists and many brands have been sensitive to the designer's artisanal approach to upcycling*.

You can treat yourself to a piece already created, or a personalized creation: send her a selection of 3 necklaces that you like, and she will imagine a unique piece of jewelry for you .

*Upcycling is the action of recovering objects that are no longer used in order to transform them into products of higher quality or utility.

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