Imagine we could be the ones to change it all

Imagine we could be the ones to change it all

This exhibition reveals the secret behind the creativity of the English fashion scene.

Its high-quality art schools, its unbridled and subversive nightlife, supportive communities capable of being creative with few resources...

And NewGen, a support program for young talents.

The list of designers he has supported is breathtaking.

Subjective selection.

HELEN KIRKUM who creates shoes from used shoe parts.
Bianca Saunders who mixes tradition and modernity in high quality pieces.
Phoebe English who creates clothes from scraps of fabric made from natural materials, and about whom I spoke to you last week.
KIKO KOSTADINOV who reinvents minimal and functional streetwear.

And also Alexander McQueen, JW Anderson or Matthew Williamson…

Their vision, creativity, tenacity could be summed up in this slogan from one of the creators:

“Imagine we could be the ones to change it all” *

REBEL: 30 Years of London Fashion

The Design Museum, London, from September 16, 2023 to February 11, 2024

*Imagine that we could be the ones to change everything

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