Food is the new luxury

Food is the new luxury

Fashion brands are looking for new territories to explore to expand and surprise their customers.

One of their playgrounds: food.

If some associations seem unusual, the result can be relatively classic.

The Balenciaga x Erewhon Market collaboration gave birth to co-branded products: clothing, accessories and juices.

Other collaborations involve the creation of joint works of art.

Chef Imogen Kwok imagines culinary sculptures for LOEWE and Prada.

Balbosté creates culinary works of art or total experiences for luxury brands (Miu Miu, Dior).

The French culinary collective We Are Ona draws inspiration from the codes of art to bring rare culinary experiences to life.

It relies on a network of chefs to take clients of Jacquemus, Chanel or Kenzo into total experiences that combine food in exceptional places.

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