Faire de vos vêtements des pièces uniques

Make your clothes unique

A garment that has lived has so much charm!
Here are ways to make it unique, to give it a second life and so many elegant ways to reduce your footprint.

Some brands have understood this and offer to repair your clothing free of charge.

TOAST , the English fashion brand, puts a team of repair specialists at the disposal of its customers. Darning, patching, Sashiko repair (for jeans) : these techniques hold no secrets for these professionals.
TOAST also offers workshops and guides to help you transform your clothes in creative ways.

Patagonia , the outdoor clothing brand, offers a free repair service with no time limit. Here it is mainly functional repairs to give a second life to your technical part.

If you want to have jeans repaired or embellished, Super Stitch can do it for you.

I invite you to embellish your clothes yourself if you feel like it: this moment is a meditation that will bring you calm and satisfaction.
Choose a pretty thread, a needle and get started with the help of these few guides and sources of inspiration.

Sashiko repair
Sashiko Tutorial
Repair mesh
And other sources of inspiration here

Emily Mae Martin


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