Chutes de luxe

Luxury Falls

They offer pieces made from exceptional fabric scraps.
They manufacture in Paris.
And their flagship product is the cape!

Soubacq revisits work overalls with Haute-Couture fabrics from Courrèges, Barbour, Burberry, Hermès or tailors from Savile Row (the famous London tailors)...

The result: pieces with proven lines and high-quality fabrics.

The pieces are made in the brand's workshop in Arts et Métiers.

And one of the favorite pieces is… the cape!

The Ethiquette is a Couture house that offers unique pieces made from Haute-Couture scraps.

During a previous experience at Chanel, one of the founders noted that very high quality fabric scraps were not used. With her partner, they had the idea of ​​transforming them.

They notably offer unique capes made from a patchwork of fabrics, but also bustiers, bags, dresses... made in Parisian workshops.

Japanese women love these so Frenchy pieces!

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