C'est sport

It's sports

Offering properly made sportswear is not easy.

These are generally parts made of technical materials (translation: synthetic), difficult to repair or recycle, and manufactured in Asia.

Here are three initiatives that take a step in the right direction.

The uniforms of French athletes at the 2024 Olympics are beautiful, and are mainly made in France by Le Coq sportif in Romilly-sur-Seine.

Pieces designed for 40 Olympic and 24 Paralympic disciplines.

Juin fait le lin offers linen sportswear: a thermoregulatory material that limits the proliferation of bacteria (and therefore the appearance of odors linked to perspiration).

The materials are spun and knitted in Europe, and the pieces made in France.

ON, the sports shoe brand that is starting to scare Nike and Adidas, offers a mini-line of equipment (in synthetic materials) designed to be recycled.

Their running shoe is available by subscription only.

Pay a subscription to receive your pair, run, return the pair when worn out for recycling, and receive a new pair as a replacement.

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