Parti pour durer

Gone to last

Repair, upcycling, second hand, clothing rental... these services are now offered by luxury or premium brands or stores.

Actors who position themselves to support the changes in use that are taking place.

Le Bon Marché is partnering with Collector Square, an authentication and redemption service for luxury watches, bags and jewelry.

Vintage, For Ever: Isabel Marant, GUCCI, AMI have set up a service for purchasing and selling second-hand or archive pieces on their sites. And more and more brands are moving in this direction.

Selfridges (UK) offers shoe repair and cleaning, upcycling and clothing rental services.

Veja is launching its General Store : a shoe cleaning and repair area (Veja or other brands), with a section well stocked with care products.

Taking care of your clothes, shoes and accessories is very fashionable.

And it's here to stay.

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