Hors du commun


Fashion week is also that: pieces that are not always wearable, but inspiring.

Out of the ordinary proposals to get us out of our habits and amaze us.

And give us ideas to change the way we dress on a daily basis *

Let's select.

Heliot Emil offers a collection that immerses us in a Matrix 2024.

Cuts that enhance the body, off-kilter silhouettes, and lots and lots of black.

Duran Lantink uses existing clothing and materials to make clothing-buoys.

Mugler dresses powerful women. Women who show themselves as they are. This season, designer Casey Cadwallader takes inspiration from sea creatures. Jellyfish, sea urchins and undines.

Sacai is the right mix between dressy and casual. We love the ultra-wide jacket and skort sets and the perfectly proportioned pants.

We recognize Ottolinger by his pieces which seem torn off, shredded. This season, they seem more comfortable.

At Junya Watanabe , we protect ourselves with thorn clothing. Pieces that protect us from this harsh world.

*And you don't necessarily need to buy: we can mix our existing pieces differently or make them evolve.

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