Bactéries couturières

Sewing bacteria

Collaborate with (non-pathogenic) bacteria to create clothing.

This is the direction taken by researchers.

Streptomyces coelicolor is a microbe that creates pigments ranging from blue to red. Thanks to its action, a fabric can be dyed randomly.

Each jacket made from this material is a unique and completely biodegradable piece that challenges usual manufacturing methods.

These ultra-rare and experimental pieces are offered by the Normal Phenomena of Life store (UK).

Experiments are also underway in the field of shoes.

A team of researchers imagined a weaving process in collaboration with bacteria that create cellulose.

This completely biodegradable material is intended to replace animal and synthetic materials commonly used in sneakers.

Although the team is in discussions with major sportswear brands, the products are still far from commercialization.

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